Global Culture Talk

S01 E09 – Where People are Moving to Find ‘Home’

What are the countries people are most wanting to move to – not only only for a better education or job, but to feel like they can really become “one of” the place? What places are more welcoming to outsiders and why?

Where are people moving within a country like the US, or why might a country like Canada or Portugal or South Africa attract more migrants than something like Japan or even France? What is the deal with ‘immigrant’ vs. ‘expat’ vs. ‘migrant’?

All of these questions strike at the heart of what we are about at Global Culture Talk – understanding the effects of globalization on identity.

Why does this matter for you? Well – seeing what places best suit, for example, someone who is young and looking to start a new life and career somewhere – can teach us about the state of international attitudes, cosmopolitan, and the social fabric of humanity. In other words – giving us insight into how to create better lives for ourselves where we feel genuinely “one of” where we live, rather than as a perpetual outsider.

Take a listen tonight – longer episode (35 min) – where we just scratch the surface on this topic of ‘finding home’!

Listen below or here at, or anywhere podcasts are heard. 

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