Global Culture Talk

S01 E08 – How Travel Helps You Stop Caring What People Think of You

There is this story in today’s culture that empowerment happens when you “stop caring what other people think” … and in doing so, setting yourself free from society’s norms and expectations.

What does this actually mean, and how is it achieved? Should we totally write off everyone’s opinion and go our own way … or, whose opinion matters to you and … why?

What does travel have to do with this? And how can travel help you if you want to break free in life? In this episode, I get a little personal with my own journey in seeing how to move past the binding elements of social conditioning and keep the enriching parts that match our values.

Travel, culture, and globalization are fascinating tools you can learn about to help you increase your freedom and potential in this short lifetime. Take a listen on Global Culture Talk tonight, and let’s dive deep into it!

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