Global Culture Talk

S01 E07 – The Many Faces of Authoritarianism: In Governments, Cults, and Self-Help Movements

Ooh tonight’s podcast is a juicy one. 35 minutes of pure truthbombs – talking about authoritarianism in governments, religions, cults, companies, even self-help movements like strict diets and personal development seminars whose underlying structure all has one thing in common: authoritarian ideology which seeks to whitewash dissent and control the outcomes of people’s lives.

Knowing how to identify authoritarian structures is one of the most freeing and important lessons in a world which does not always have your well-being and freedom in mind – as they say, you may not care about its politics, but its politics will care about you. Less of a call to fear and more of a call to understand and speak out against, this episode includes my personal vantage point from recent and long-past events in my life where I have come up against authoritarian structures, large and small, that in leaving, and deprogramming myself out of them, have helped me find my own sense of freedom and power.

The fun is just beginning here at Global Culture Talk, where we dive deep into topics of globalization, culture, and identity and how to set yourself free in a noisy and complex world.

Take a listen free below or here at, or anywhere podcasts are heard.

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