Global Culture Talk

S01 E06 – The Search for the Ideal City

Is there an ideal city? What makes a city appealing on a physical level? How do you find the urban environment that best suits you? These are questions I have continued to ponder in my travels with an eye towards the things that make cities optimally suited for the maximum number of people to experience comfort and success.

The urban space is one that is built – it does not simply “happen” and it is a phenomenon that can radically change the way you experience reality around you. Thus, the question of how we can build better cities and live better lives comes up.

In this episode, I scratch the surface on this topic by raising aspects particularly of European cities that I find important for success in creating at least the physical element of livability.

Take a listen and join us on Global Culture Talk as we dive deeper into the truth about globalization, culture, and identity.

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