Global Culture Talk

S01 E03 – Seeking Understanding in the World

Have you ever held the belief that ‘people don’t understand you’? If you are moving through the world with any eye open to yourself and the reality around you, it can sometimes be a very painful and stressful thing to wonder if or how to be understood in life.

This is something that sits at the root of so many of our desires to travel, escape, explore – to find something in the world that gives us understanding and belonging.

In this episode, I wanted to take on this topic further by conveying 3 ways to approach seeking understanding in the world. This came out of a conversation tonight in Vienna with a guy who said he feels the world does not understand him.

I have had this same thought, and how do we keep it from crushing our potential? Consider these as you look towards you travels and use the learnings you get from encountering the unfamiliar to better understand others and in doing so, maybe find more understanding FROM others.

Join me as we dive deeper into globalization and identity in Global Culture Talk. I look forward to talking with you soon!

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