Global Culture Talk

S01 E02 – Freedom and Order in Society

How do we balance freedom and order in society? Do the two work against each other or can they coexist, and where in the world is each more important? Why does this matter and what does it mean for people traveling or moving to another country?

Every country answers these questions differently – for example, a country coming out of the depths of poverty might suspend freedoms to ‘get the job done’ in developing itself, while another totally lacks modern surveillance and capitalism but then also lacks the infrastructure needed to ensure public well-being.

One place, like Singapore, might put more emphasis on economic freedom and less on personal freedom. Another, like Canada or the UK, might have a lot of personal freedom but tons of bureaucracy and red tape to pore through.

This episode only scratches the surface regarding my thoughts on freedom and order, recorded outside from lovely orderly Vienna, Austria and reflecting on key places around the globe that take on this issue.

Join me as we dive deeper into globalization and step beyond tourism to get closer to the truth of what is happening in our world!

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