Global Culture Talk

S01 E05 – Social Media, Expat Life & The Death of Pop Culture

Many of us have early memories before the days of social media, on-demand entertainment, and/or living abroad in new places where there was a common media culture that was shared. Now, since approximately 2010 with the advent of ever-more-customized media streams based on individual tastes, pop culture has changed and become fragmented in new ways… what does this all mean?

S01 E04 – Top 5 Misconceptions about China

China is the most consequential and populous nation of the 21st century yet it is so often vastly misunderstood in the Western eye. In tonight’s episode, I want to share my top 5 misconceptions around China that I have seen based on comparing my experience living in China and studying Mandarin Chinese.

S01 E03 – Seeking Understanding in the World

Have you ever held the belief that ‘people don’t understand you’? I have had this same thought, and how do we keep it from crushing our potential? In this episode, I wanted to take on this topic further by conveying 3 ways to approach seeking understanding in the world.

S01 E02 – Freedom and Order in Society

How do we balance freedom and order in society? Do the two work against each other or can they coexist, and where in the world is each more important? Why does this matter and what does it mean for people traveling or moving to another country? All this and more covered in today’s episode!

S01 E01 – Welcome to Global Culture Talk

Welcome to the very FIRST episode of Global Culture Talk! Live from Vienna, Austria. In this podcast, we will be diving deep into the way globalization has changed the way we see ourselves, others, and the world around us – with a little humor and funny travel stories thrown in the mix.